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Some Background Questions For Painless Systems

Student and her sticker allowed to return to Sacred Heart Greenwich

The Planned Parenthood sticker on sophomore Kate Murray Fellow students had Obama campaign stickers on their laptops, but they were not ordered to remove them.” Alumna Kyra Baldwin, who graduated in 2013, said the school’s pro-life club sometimes gave presentations at the school’s morning meeting that included images of fetuses. She was disappointed when she and some classmates were blocked from starting a Gay Straight Alliance club at the school because the Diocese opposed it, she said. “We felt the existence of a pro-life club while there was no pro-choice club or GSA allowed was extremely hypocritical, especially when the pro-life club was so active,” she said. Sacred Heart Greenwich said Monday no pro-life club, pro-choice club or GSA currently exists on campus. In theology class, Sacred Heart juniors debate abortion, euthanasia and the death penalty, Hayes said in her op-ed, calling that “a far more rigorous and enriching exercise, we believe, than debating a slogan on a locker or laptop.” Sacred Heart Greenwich parents have shared many opinions over the school’s handling of the sticker situation. “I support Planned Parenthood and the the amazing and necessary women’s health services they provide,” said Lesley King. “And in addition I support a young woman’s right to have a strong opinion about any issue and express that with bumper stickers or slogans on clothing.” One mother, who requested anonymity so her daughter would not be retaliated against, said she plans to pull her daughter out of the school at the end of the year. “I don’t want her there. We marched in the Women’s March. We donate to Planned Parenthood,” she said.

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