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Its a dangerous, complicated business; the operation to free Wahida and her daughter took 17 days. The Kurdish government spends as much as $8,000 on each rescue, on expenses that might include the rent for a network of safe houses. If some of it goes for bribes, no one involved will discuss it and when asked about ransom payments, Qaidi denies any such thing happens. We dont have direct connection with the terrorists, he insists. Its our people, and theyre human and we have to save them. Abdullah the smuggler (Photo: Ash Gallagher for Yahoo News) More Another smuggler, Khalil, also spoke with Yahoo News. He said he works through a network of contacts inside Mosul who help him move victims from house to house until they are able to get a safe house and leave ISIS territory. One of his contacts, a Sunni Arab male, called Khalil while Yahoo News was with him. The man told Khalil about the latest security situation in Mosul and then asked Khalil if he would put in a good word for him with the Kurdish government to keep him from being arrested as an ISIS sympathizer. Weve taken families of our network and put them in one of the houses. So people think a family lives there, he said, men from ISIS really dont check the women, they dont go to the womens side of the house. This makes it easier to smuggle the women out and so does the ISIS law requiring women to be covered in the niqab, an Islamic veil, which makes them difficult to identify.

Macy's, Kohl's and other department stores are hurting as more people shop online, visit lower-priced stores or spend more of their money on smartphones and other gadgets. The future of department stores seems bleak as they close locations and thus give shoppers less options at the mall

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and more reason to just stay home and shop online. "I don't think there are any happy endings," said Mark Cohen, a retail studies professor at New York's Columbia Business School and a former Sears Canada CEO. Macy's said it will close 63 of its 730 stores this year and expects to cut more than 10,000 jobs as it seeks to reduce costs. Sales at established stores fell 2.1 percent in November and December, the New York-based retailer said late Wednesday. Kohl's also reported a 2.1 percent sales drop at established stores in the last two months of 2016. SEARS TO SELL

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ICONIC CRAFTSMAN BRAND Sears, which has lost money for years amid falling revenue, said it plans to shut 150 locations, including 109 of its Kmart stores. Among those closing is Kmart's first store, the Detroit Free Press reported, which opened in 1962 in Garden City, Michigan. And Sears is also set to part with another part of its history: It reached a deal to sell its famous Craftsman tools brand to Stanley Black & Decker Inc., but will continue to sell its products in its stores. Sears first took control of the Craftsman name 90 years ago.

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REUTERS/Ints Kalnins By David Alexander | WASHINGTON WASHINGTON The U.S. Army has taken new steps to make it easier for Sikhs, Muslims and other religious minorities to obtain approval to dress and groom themselves according to their religious customs while serving in the military, a spokesman said on Thursday. Army Secretary Eric Fanning, in a memorandum signed this week, revised the uniform policy to set appearance standards for people seeking religious accommodations to wear beards, turbans and head scarfs. The new rules also enable brigade-level commanders to approve the religious accommodations, an authority that previously rested with the

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Army secretary. Denial of a religious accommodation may be appealed as high as the Army secretary. An approved religious accommodation will continue throughout the soldier's career and may not be revoked or modified without approval of the Army secretary, the memo says. The accommodation will not affect job specialties or duty locations, except in a few limited cases, the memo says. "Our goal is to balance soldier readiness and safety with the accommodation of our soldiers' faith practices, and this latest directive allows us to do that," Lieutenant Colonel Randy Taylor said in a statement. The new rules were welcomed by the Sikh Coalition. "We are pleased with the progress that this new policy represents for religious tolerance and diversity," said coalition Legal Director Harsimran Kaur. Sikhs have a long tradition of military service in India and elsewhere and have served in the United States as far back as World War One.