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In 1988, she became the first Italian designer to put on a fashion show in China, presenting dresses and blouses in silk and cashmere, and in 1995 was the first to have a show inside the Kremlin walls in Moscow. She expanded into men's clothing as well, and created a plus-size women's line, Laura Piu, and a line for children. Her company produced sunglasses and other accessories and perfumes, including the popular "Roma" fragrance, named after Biagiotti's home city. Born Aug. 4, 1943, Biagiotti studied to become an archaeologist but abandoned those plans to help her mother run a dressmaking business. In those early years, she traveled frequently to the United States to learn business and technology. After collaborating with such famous fashion houses as those of Emilio Federico Schuberth and Roberto Capucci, she presented her own collection in Florence in 1972. "Being a fashion designer is like taking vows. It becomes your religion for life," she told the Associated Press in 1987.

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