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Mary Byun: There was a defining moment. I was watching the 2008 Democratic National Convention, and Michelle Obama gave a speech I believe it was the first night. And she wore this teal Maria Pinto dress with an Erickson Beamon brooch. At the time, the look was so fresh to me in terms of the political landscape, and I was so inspired by her as a person and interested in how she was using fashion to convey creativity and other messages. Throughout the Democratic Convention, I felt her look was projecting and communicating something different than we were used to seeing in the political realm. View photos At the 2008 Democratic National Convention, wearing a Maria Pinto dress and Erickson Beamon brooch More So I started researching. The funny thing is that now, fashion PR is so different. But back then, we were only two years into Twitter, and it wasnt commonplace that brands would broadcast celebrities or public figures were wearing their clothing. So no one said, Oh, Michelle Obama wore our dress during the Democratic National Convention. I started researching, and I thought, I cant be the only one interested in this. That was the impetus for starting the blog, just being curious and not being able to find information. What was it about Michelle Obamas style that invited such curiosity?

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